Call Center Ramblings

Here is a little gem I found online the author wasn’t mentioned, but often times I can definitely understand the person’s sentiment. Hope you enjoy the read.

Call Center Ramblings

I have been working in a call center in our outbound for approximately for 8 years. I have basically seen the processes involved with trying to improve efficiency. Now my point of view on this topic is a bit jaded and rightly so because half the time people are applying management methodologies to something they have never done. Often times this is done using numbers. Well you can take averages all day long and gauge numbers, and trends, but would it actually benefit you to speak with the people that do the job on a daily basis? Well, yes it would of course you’d think that these people might have a perspective that could be valuable. Well in all cases I have seen it’s viewed as the fault of the department, and we are a bunch of worthless folks, and frankly all we do is screw around, and mess things up.

I of course beg to differ. The people that do the job on a daily basis are behooved to make the customers experience the best it can be because it makes their job easier. Well of course this is a novel concept someone that actually wants to do their job so the customers happy and they don’t get bitched at every day. I mean who would have come up with that concept. People that want to do their job because it makes their day to day life easier.

So Mr. and Mrs. Manager, and CEO, CTO insert the guy that makes double to triple your salary here take a hint if things are falling off at the rails it’s most likely because there is little to no organization up the chain. Ok maybe there is organization, but there isn’t enough training for newer products. Maybe the product owner doesn’t want to leave support work with his or her precious. Or just maybe the product needs to be refined so it works well or is more easily supported. Maybe it’s the guy implementing the software or maybe there is little documentation to properly implement the software in the first place. Oh, and please don’t make any promises there is typically vary little belief in these as they are offered too much, and don’t typically improve the employee’s bottom line.


Jaded in support

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