Installing Katana and Adding UBCD4WIN

Installing Katana and Adding UBCD4WIN

Katana is an Informer release that contains the following Distributions Backtrack 4 pre, The Ultimate Boot CD 4.1.0, Ophcrack 2.3.1, The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, Organizational Systems Wireless Auditor (OSWA) Assistant, Got Root? Slax (Slax 6), Damn Small Linux 4.4.10, Damn Vulnerable Linux 1.5 all of these were put together compiled to be installed on an 8GB USB key.  I want to explain how to install Katana to a USB drive, and add in the UBCD4WIN option that is left out of the distribution due to licensing reasons.

I encountered a few problems when trying to install Katana with UBCD4WIN using the UBUSB.exe utility included in the UBCD4Win using Windows Vista. I could create the boot CD without problem, but adding everything to the USB key I was unable to boot to anything. So I used windows XP SP3, and didn’t have any issues.

Here are the steps I followed to get everything installed, and working on the USB key. First I downloaded UBCD4WIN which can be found here. I also downloaded Katana which I heard about through my Informer subscription through Hackers For Charity here.  Informer requires a yearly donation, and the proceeds go to benefit Hackers for Charity.

So after you have everything downloaded which will take a while considering the size of Katana 5.36GB I would start with installing UBCD4WIN on your system I needed to do this under safe mode due to my anti-virus, but your experience may vary.  After, I had UBCD4WIN installed I copied all the files from my Windows XP SP3 disk to my hard drive into a directory named WXPSP3. You can find the details for building the UBCD4WIN here. I then started the build of the UBCD4WIN CD ISO. After I had the ISO built I then used the utility included in the UBCD4WIN directory called UBUSB.exe. I selected the drive letter; Quick Format and the directory where the BartPE folder was located on my hard drive which was C:\UBCD4Win\BartPE then I clicked go and waited a while. After the process finished I tested the USB in my netbook, but you can also select tools and test it in the supplied emulator.

After, the creation of the Ultimate Boot USB I then copied all the files from the Katana download after they had been extracted.  I followed the contained instructions that can be found in the docs folder of the Katana release. I then ran the scripts that were mentioned in the install.html file in the Katana release.

The scripts in the release needed to be edited because I used XP Service Pack 3 instead of Service Pack 1. The edits were posted to the forums that can be found here. After the changes were made to the USB key I was then able to boot and use the UBCD4Win portion of the USB key along with everything else already compiled for use on the Katana release. Make sure you visit to donate, and if you have any other questions or want more information on Katana make sure you visit

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here. I am also planning on trying to add other Distributions to Katana such as WeakNet Linux Assistant, and Kubuntu 9.10. With any luck I plan on adding the ability to use Virtual Box with any of the Distributions in Katana as well as any that are added. So stay tuned for more information on Katana as well as any thing else I can cook up with the things that are pre-released to Infomer subscribers.



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  1. Peregrinus says:

    How does this go with Katana v2.0 and the latest UBCDWindows. I’m having many difficulties getting these two working, ive combined many methods from as many sites. Any chance for an update?


  2. i like this post a lot. ill be checking laterfor future articlesthanks.

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