Things to come in 2010!

What can I say with the last week mostly off work I have been busy with side projects, the holidays, and fixings a friend’s workstation that I have forgot to post anything to the blog. Well I will give you a preview of what’s coming next. I have been working with Ronin from on adding more distro’s to Katana. Well basically he’s done all the work, and I am just going to run through his instructions to make sure I don’t find any problems with the process. I will provide the details once I have the WeakNet Linux Assistant downloaded. I figured to keep with the theme of subscribing to the informer (because you get great stuff, and help a worthy cause) I would add another release that was released to informer subscribers first.

I really appreciate Ronin’s help with putting this together, and all the information will also be posted to his forums which you can get to by clicking here. I wanted to mention that for those of you who may have found the Katana distro other places across the internet other than getting it from the informer download links that there is actually a donation link included in the Katana distro for Hackers For Charity. I mention this because currently there is a growing need for donation’s to furnish the internet café as well as a need for content for the community learning center that will be above the Hackers For Charity Internet Café in Uganda. You can find more information about the need for content here, and you can also locate more information on furnishing the café here. The internet cafe needs everything from tables, and chairs to gaming consoles to controllers.

On a side note I really wish,, and would get back to me about possible content donations. It would help out Hackers For Charity along with the people of Uganda.



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    Heya there :)

    More posts! More posts! Seriously though, I’ll be in touch very soon – interesting news!


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